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Unbeatable Cleaning of Parts

Vectron Deburring provides worry-free and hassle-free pick up and delivery service with our own enclosed trucks operated by our personnel.


Thermal Deburring

Vectron Deburring provides custom services for companies in the metal cutting industry. Thermal Deburring uses instantaneous and very intense heat energy to perform the deburring operation.


Electro-Chemical Deburring (ECD)

We will provide a turn-key feasibility analysis for you. We will sample process your parts and return them with a detailed feasibility analysis, including pricing, all at no charge.

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Ultrasonic Clean Booth

Gravimetric Cleanliness

Testing capabilities.

  1. Ultrasonic bath for particulate removal.

  2. Precision balance weight analysis.

  3. High-resolution microscopes for particle sizing.

Vectron can eliminate your costly hand deburring operations. If your machined or die cast part requires hand deburring or machining operations just to deburr, you should consider Vectron's contract deburring services. Even extremely simple parts can be successfully and economically processed by Vectron. We have specialized in providing top quality ECD and thermal deburring processes to customers throughout the country since 1972.

Our deburring services:

- Eliminate costly and time consuming hand deburring

- Assurance that all burrs are consistently removed on every part

- Reduce personnel and labor costs

- Virtually any material can be processed

- A measurable increase in quality levels and reliability

- Applicable to all manufacturing processes; die casting, machining, forging, casting, etc.

- Eliminates a huge capital investment

- Pick up and delivery service with our trucks

- Gives you a fixed manufacturing cost with no variances



Thermal deburring uses instantaneous and very intense heat energy to perform the deburring operation. Parts are placed inside a cylindrical chamber which is sealed, then pressurized with a mixture of combustible gases. This gaseous mixture completely encloses your parts, reaching into even the most confined areas.

When the gaseous mixture is ignited, an intense combustion takes place, similar to the combustion chamber in an automobile engine, generating a very intense heat reaching 6,000*F lasting only a few milliseconds. This intense heat burns, or oxidizes the burrs. Only the burrs are removed because the intense heat attacks areas with considerable surface area and very little mass. All areas of the part are exposed to the deburring operation. It is virtually impossible to miss any burr.



Electro-chemical deburring utilizes electrical energy which is directed to only specified areas on the part to remove burrs. The electrical energy is localized by means of a fixture/electrode which conforms to the configuration of the finished area. The energy is transmitted to the burr by an electrolyte chemical and dissolves it. A controlled radius can be obtained on virtually any configuration part. The radius is generated as the burr is dissolved and can solve functional problems, e.g., rubber seals moving across machined holes or recesses, etc.



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A qualified Factory Sales Engineer will respond and meet with you to discuss your deburring requirements. We will sample process your parts at no charge and return them with a written price quotation.

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